How to drive The Girlfriend crazy (in a romantic way)

Step 1: Hide an undisclosed number of messages.

Step 2: Tell her about all the potential areas that I might have hidden them – textbooks, bag, car, house, room, etc.

Step 3: Let her find some of them first as starters.

Step 4: Take a photo of this stack of 100x paper hearts.

If you’re wondering… Yes, I drew/wrote that.

Step 5: Blog here about how I’m gonna start filling them all up and begin hiding them all over her car, house, bag, books, room, etc. from today onwards.

Step 6: Tell The Girlfriend to open the blue little booklet we took from the museum on Valentine’s Day (Day I), and look at the last page.

Step 7: Send her a text message telling her to read this blog entry.

Step 8: Let the craziness begin.

Have fun, dear! =D