How to Fold a Cat

I’m pretty sure Google is trolling me.

Yesterday, I wrote about how people had been searching for “sleepy crab.” (Click here to read about it – there’s a cute drawing too!) Well, yesterday, people have been searching for “how to fold a cat.” And guess what? Google directs them to this blog!

screen-shot-2012-02-12-at-1-15-23-pmWhy does Google direct them here? I’m puzzled.

I searched for “how to fold a cat” on Google, and went through TWENTY pages of search results. But none of them point to my blog at all.

I am puzzled.

Haha… I’m not going to say anything about people who were searching for “how to fold a cat.” I’m sure they have very legitimate reasons for wanting to fold one. =P

Well, if you came here searching for how to fold a cat, I shall not disappoint you.

My cat has the answer you’re looking for!

img_3431Stop animal abuse! Don’t fold cats! Fold paper instead!