Table Lamp Project

Over the past three weeks, I’ve been busy building my own table lamp. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the table lamp that I wanted. I remember seeing a particular design months ago, but I couldn’t find it on sale again. So I decided, it’s probably better to build my own.

The first thing I did was to go to a hardware store to buy a bulb and a bulb socket (with wire). Then I went back home and made a prototype using chopsticks and wire.


This took me about 20 minutes to assemble. It’s ugly, but it’s a prototype. Next, I took some Chinese calligraphy paper and wrapped it around the chopstick frame.


Why Chinese calligraphy paper? Well, firstly because it’s the material that I’d like to use to diffuse the light. Secondly, I intend to write/paint on it and have a more awesome table lamp in the near future. I’ll do the calligraphy/painting next time. For now, I’ll settle with a plain design.

To my delight, the lighting result was around my expectations. I was worried that the light will be too dim or too bright for comfort. But it was just nice.

A few days later, I went around Singapore in search for materials to build the lamp. Eventually, I found my materials from Ikea – four wooden picture frames, and a lamp shade (got it from the as-is section that sells damaged components at discounted price – I just wanted to metal piece in the middle, and not the shade itself). Next, I got some hinges from a neighbourhood hardware shop.

That day, I intended to stay up late to construct the lamp. Unfortunately, I discovered that these super energy saving bulbs (the one in the first photo above) are soooo fragile! How fragile? Let’s just say my hand crushed the bulb into bits and pieces while unscrewing it from the socket. Worse still, I was doing this on my bed. >_< AHHHHH!!!!! Spent the whole night clearing up the mess. Had to be especially meticulous in my cleaning since I don’t want to be cut by broken glass while sleeping.

Days later, I went to another hardware store to buy a replacement bulb. This time, I stayed away from the super energy saving bulbs and got a normal energy saving one instead. I’m really not keen on buying a bulb that can be broken so easily in one’s hands.

Unfortunately, I met with another problem. It turns out the power drill in my home has stopped working. Instead, I had to manually screw the hinges onto the wooden frames. My goodness. It was quite a nightmare. I even developed a blister on my thumb as a result.

Anyway, after days of labour, the lamp was finally complete!


Looks good? Well, I think it matches the entire Chinese-themed desk. I’ll probably do further touch-ups by doing some Chinese brush painting during the holidays.