Last night, my family went up to Auntie Winnie’s house (she’s the lady who feeds the stray cats) to pass her some things, and to visit my cat’s kitty friends. These cats are stray cats whom Auntie Winnnie has rescued around the neighbourhood. Many of them were victims of animal abuse. But it’s lovely to see how they’ve all been nursed back to health.

It’s my second visit to her home. This time, I managed to get some nice shots of the cute cats!

"OH HAI!!!"
“OH HAI!!!”
"I SEE YOU!!!"
“I SEE YOU!!!”

All the white cats with yellowish-brown and grey patches are siblings. But what’s really cool is their BIG brother/sister (I forgot the gender) on the right in the photo below!



To give you a sense of proportion – the cats on the left are all regular adult cat size! The white cat with yellowish-brown patches on the right IS ENORMOUS!!! It’s not a camera trick, nor is that cat standing very near me. It really is about 2-3 times bigger than the average adult cat. THAT’S HOW BIG IT IS!!! And these white-yellowish-brown cats came from the same mother!!! I have no idea how this one grew to be THIS HUGE!

Anyway, there’s a black little kitten that has no name (no photo because all photos of it were so blurred, they’re unusable). It has white paws. My mum fell in love with it. It’s really adorable. Auntie Winnie told us that we can adopt it if we like. It’s already been toilet trained. I’m all for it! But we’ll need to get it a cage though. These cats have been trained to view this cage as their little comfort zone. I don’t like the idea of cats being in cages, but it’s the only way to appease my family – who are extremely worried about scratched furniture.

The only obstacle in getting a cage is money. Such a cage cost $200-400!!! I’m thinking of possibly building my own. But I’ll see how it goes.