Happy Kitty New Year!

Cai Shen Mao (財神貓, The Cat-god of Fortune) wishes all its readers a Happy Chinese New Year!



恭喜發財!(Gongxi fa cai, May you have a prosperous new year!)
萬事如意!(Wanshi ru yi, May your myriad affairs be meaningful!)
大吉大利!(Daji dali, May you have great luck and prosper!)
龍貓精神!(Lung mao jingshen, May you have the spirit of a dragon and cat! Meow! Heehee… =P )

Meow! Huat ah! (發啊!) Meow meow!

img_3541Haha… If you noticed, I have attached a golden ingot to its neck. It’s actually plastic, so it’s not that heavy. The cat seems to like it.

img_3555Together with the golden tael, I also got it a golden bag that has the word, 滿 (man, fullness).


You can tell the cat loooooves the golden bag of fullness!

"Meow! It's mine!"
“Meow! It’s mine!”

img_3545Last night, we had our Chinese New Year Reunion dinner. It was only right for the cat to join us in the festivities. So, for the occasion, I got it a delicious can of Fancy Feast!


You can tell it loooooves it! The cat was gobbling it up!

"Om nom nom nom!"
“Om nom nom nom!”

Anyway, since we were visited by Cai Shen Mao, just for the fun of it, we got it to pick 4D (lottery numbers)! Look at how sagely it looks!

img_3552Cai Shen Mao looks at the numbers.

img_3550Which numbers will it choose?

"I'm trying to figure out the winning number!"
“Meow! It’s so hard trying to figure out the winning number!”
"Meow! I choose this!"
“Meow! I choose this!”

And then, we reward Cai Shen Mao with a fun-round of play! No catching of toy birds or toy mice for today. For this festive season, Cai Shen Mao will try to catch bags of gold!

img_3556HUAT AH!

Oh yes, my sister-in-law composed a Cai Shen Mao song! This is to be sung to the tune of the traditional Cai Shen Ye (財神爺) song.



Cai Shen Mao! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!
Cai Shen Mao! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!
Cai Shen Mao has come to our doorstep.
Little mouse, little birds – Cai Shen Mao brings them all to our home!