Two Cats!

I’ve always had the suspicion that there’s more than one cat visiting our home. The cats that have been coming over are very similar – cute and orange-brown in colour. We’ve heard stories that there are two similar looking cats.

My suspicion was finally confirmed one day when another similar looking cat came to visit.

img_3480It had a different collar. But it could just be the case that someone, having nothing better to do, could have changed the collar.

But that day, we were quite certain that it was a different cat from the one that came daily the past weeks. How do we know?

Well, it sits in a very odd yet cute way. Look at the way the legs stick out!


The other cat doesn’t sit like this. And in fact, this cat is thinner than the other one. We’ve fed the other cat so much that it’s way fatter than this one.

The other clue was that this cat didn’t mind the cat tree. The other cat hates the cat tree and avoids it at all costs! This one has no qualms going in and out of it.

img_3481Peekaboo! I see you!


And when it comes to play, this cat uses both its paws. The other one has a tendency to use just one paw to catch things (reminds me of the Japanese fortune cat).


It’s just amazing that there are two very similar looking cats with very different personalities coming to visit this house. I’m wondering if they’re siblings.


I think it’d be so cool to have a photo of the two cats together. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the other cat that day. It’s as if the regular cat told this one, “I’m not feeling well, can you be their substitute pet for today?”

Anyway, here’s two more cute pictures of the cat!