Name Seal

If you’ve been reading my blog in the past weeks, you would know that I’ve been trying very hard to carve my own name seal using wood and stone. Unfortunately, these projects have all been very painful failures. The stone one was promising until I chipped off a large piece of it in the middle – just when it was about done.

Anyway, I give up! Some things are probably best left to experts.

My calligraphy teacher has recommended that we make our own name seals. Eventually, we’ll need to use it. He has projects for advanced students. Currently, he’s preparing them for an exhibition sometime later this year. I can’t wait for my turn. It looks fun. But it’s still going to take a long long time.

Anyway, the Chinese New Year fair at Vivocity has a booth selling name seal stones. There’s even a professional artist who’s willing to carve the stones for free if you buy one of their stones. Comparing prices, what’s offered at the fair is way below what you have to pay elsewhere in Singapore.

With that, I decided to have my name seal carved on the spot the other day!

The guy was really amazing. He didn’t even have to make any tracings on the stone. He was able to carve the words – laterally inverted – right on the spot!


In a few minutes, he was almost done!


Amazing! When I tried to carve a similar-sized stone, it took me about 2 hours.

I like how it even comes with a nice box.


And the interior is just as beautiful!


Here’s how the seal looks like:


And if that’s not all, he even stamped the seal on a nice little card and wrote my Chinese name in the semi-cursive script (行書 hsing-shu).



If you’re unfamiliar with Chinese, it’s meant to be read from right to left, from top to bottom.

So cool! I look forward to using this for future pieces of art!