Feline Friends

Just now, my sister-in-law asked me to follow her down to the void deck to meet the auntie who feeds the stray cats. She’s called Auntie Winnie, and she feeds the cats at around 7.30pm everyday.

We were a bit early. But it’s quite amazing. By 7.15pm, all the stray cats were assembled at the void deck waiting for her to come.

This cat’s called Sou-sou (瘦瘦). It’s very afraid of humans.

img_3521In fact, it’s so small, it’s afraid of everything, and thus easily bullied.

img_3522The cat on the right’s called Cowboy. It’s very territorial. Whenever Sou-sou walks near it, Cowboy will charge at it and hiss. Interestingly, Cowboy is very friendly to humans. It kept rubbing itself against my legs. It’s very huge because it’s a domesticated cat belonging to a Caucasian family. I’m guessing they must have fed it very well.

By 7.30pm, Auntie Winnie came with her two dogs, and immediately, she began dishing out food to all the cats.

img_3523My part-time cat, Didi (弟弟), came to join in the feast too! It does it everyday. Even though we feed it at home, it’ll always come down at 7.30pm (from my home) for its daily dose of awesome food, and come back up later to visit us again.

img_3524Next, she goes to feed the other cats. The white one on the left is called Bai-bai (白白). I forgot the name of the black cat, but it’s very naughty.

img_3525Thanks to Auntie Winnie, the cats in our neighbourhood are kept healthy and strong.

img_3526OM NOM NOM!

img_3527OM NOM NOM!

Cowboy’s so greedy! After it finished its plate, it wants even more! It goes to Didi, hoping to eat more.

img_3528After feeding the cats, I followed Auntie Winnie up to her home to receive pointers about how to look after mine. I was quite amazed by the collection of animals in her home. It’s like a pet shop!

She has 3 dogs, a few rabbits, and THIRTEEN CATS!!!


Amazing!!! My jaw dropped at the sight! Did you see the white cat at the top-right corner? It’s HUUUGGGEEE!!! All the cats are of a regular adult size. That white cat was super big! A giant! WOW!

She lets the cats roam free a few times a day in her home, and they will obediently return to the large cat cage at a regular time. These cats look very comfortable hanging out with one another.

And the best part is this. All the cats that you’ve seen in this post? They’re all friends of my cat(s)! My cat(s) visit Auntie Winnie (or she finds them regularly) to groom them and check on their health. They all know one another.

So cool… I never knew that there were so many cats in my block.