Cat Woes

Many weeks has passed since I’ve adopted the cat as my part-time pet. The honeymoon period has subsided, and the problems often associated with having a cat has arisen.

The cat has been scratching shoes, sofas, and even my brother’s brand new piano chair (OUCH! Well, thank goodness it didn’t scratch the piano).

Unfortunately, the one that comes regularly, doesn’t like the cat tree that I got. I soon learnt from the auntie who feeds cats at the void deck that all it needs is a piece of cardboard. The other day, I tried that. I tore out a big piece of cardboard, and it immediately started scratching away. Wow…

One big problem coming in between my attempts to domesticate the cat is my mother. She’s so obsessed with tidiness: “No, you can’t put the cat tree here”; “No, I’m not letting you put the cat tent there”; “No, I don’t want that piece of cardboard here.”

Urgh… She’s been re-arranging the cat’s items in ways that are not very practical. She even threw away the cardboard that the cat uses to scratch. How to train the cat?

Because of this, the cat has been scratching more and more, and it’s been annoying my mother and brother even more. They have half the mind of disowning the cat.

Because of this, the cat has been feeling rather neglected. So it’s been trying to redeem itself by bringing gifts to our home.

The other day, it killed a mynah and brought it to our home in the morning. Unfortunately, it was quite brutal with the bird. In the end, there was blood all over the living room floor and wall. Even the sofa had blood. Bad move on the part of the cat.

The day when the cat scratched my brother’s new piano chair, my brother drove it out of the house and locked the door. In wanting to redeem itself, the cat caught and killed a mouse, hoping to give it to us as a gift.

img_3497To appease my yet-more-upset family members, I had to dispose of the dead mouse. I’m rather annoyed that they refuse to listen to what websites and books on cat training say. According to these materials, when a cat does something like this, it is its way of showing love and affection. But to them, the cat’s recent acts have been nothing but a great annoyance, and their negativity towards it has grown quite a lot.

At the moment, my family’s still open to having the cat around, just as long as they’re free and don’t mind playing with it. Every now and then, it’ll pop by to manifest its awesome cuteness. And when that happens, they temporarily forget about all its “misbehaviours”.

Anyway… Lately, it seems that the cat wants to stay overnight in the house with us. With the existing tension in the house with the cat, and worries about future furniture damage, I guess the next best thing will be to leave the cat tent outside for it to sleep in. At least it’s more airy and cool resting at the corridor than inside our home.


Haha… As you can see, I’ve pasted a notice on the wall. I’m worried people will take it away.

Actually, my biggest worry is the next-door neighbour. She suffers from a mental illness (this is factual, not an insult), and it drives her to do a lot of things to annoy the neighbours staying above, below, and beside her. It usually involves acts of vandalism such as the pouring of muddy water, unknown smelly substances, etc. (The neighbours have called the police so many times, but they always take no action. I don’t know why that’s the case.) I’m afraid that she’ll do something evil to the cat, or vandalise the cat tent.

Oh well… I’ll see how it goes over the next few days. The cat is smart enough to know when the tent’s vandalised, and it’s fit enough to run away from trouble. At the most, it’ll just be the cat tent that takes the damage.

Anyway, in the spirit of Chinese New Year, I’ve attached a little festive decoration to the tent!


It makes for a great toy too! I just have to jiggle the tassle a little, and the cat will start batting it.

As you can see, the cat enjoys being in the tent, whether it’s inside or outside.