Cai Shen Mao (財神貓)

I was supposed to be doing work today, but I just had no mood to do anything work-related.

Initially, I was complaining to my mum about the lack of Chinese New Year decorations in the home. There’s only one festive decoration in the house – and that’s pasted on my room door. Other than that, there’s absolutely nothing. It was then that I had the idea – why not dress up the cat?

Immediately, I thought of dressing it up as Cai Shen Ye (財神爺 The god of fortune). For those unfamiliar with Chinese culture, Cai Shen Ye is the mascot for Chinese New Year (just as how Santa Claus is the mascot for Christmas). In fact, because Chinese New Year always immediately comes after Christmas, many places just retain the Santa Claus decoration, and add some Chinese-looking designs onto the mannequin.

Here’s a sample of how Cai Shen Ye looks. Haha… Even the God of Fortune needs an ATM machine to dispense his fortune to everyone.

(Image Credit: Source unknown. This photo was circulating around Facebook today.)
(Image Credit: Source unknown. This photo was circulating around Facebook today.)

So, I told myself, I shall dress up the cat as Cai Shen Mao (財神貓 The Cat-God of Fortune)!!!

My family had lots of red packets (ang bao) lying around. So I took several of them, and built this:


Well, it doesn’t look as awesome as the sample picture of a Cai Shen Ye, but it’ll do.

I tried attaching it to the cat later in the day, but it was quite a failure.

Later in the evening, my mum tried it, and she was much more successful at attaching the hat onto the cat.

So here it is… I give you… Cai Shen Mao!!!


img_3515HUAT AH!!! (發啊!!!)

If you noticed, the initial design (the photo with the hat on my head) has tassels, but the one on the cat doesn’t. At first, I thought it’d be cool to add tassels. It’ll keep the cat entertained, as it tries to catch the tassels on both sides of its head. But it turns out to be a bad idea, because the cat was so excited by the tassels, it was impossible to attach the hat on it in the first place.

“Feed me and I’ll bring you lots of fortune! Meow! Meow! Huat ah!”

I plan to hang the HUAT (發) mahjong tile around its neck tomorrow. If I can get my hands on one of those golden tael things tomorrow, I’ll get it too. This will complete the whole Cai Shen Mao theme.