Fat Cat and Memory Loss

They say that cats are good at relieving people’s stress. Maybe when you play with the cat, you simply forget all your worries.

Well, in my case, my cat’s very good at erasing my short-term memory.

I have learnt a very important lesson. NEVER – and I mean NEVER – ever play with your cat when you’re packing your bags for school.

The other day, I was packing my bag. I had just put in my laptop charger when the cat came into my room, meowing away. Naturally, I stopped what I was doing and played with it. Later, when I reached school, I discovered – to my horror – that I forgot to bring my laptop! O_O And that was the day when I so needed the laptop to type 5 hours worth of lecture notes. Ouch.

Today, I was packing my bag. Again, the cat came into my room, meowing away. I tried to pack my bag while ignoring the cat. Eventually, I kinda gave in to its infinite cuteness. Much later, when I was in school, I discovered that I forgot to bring my painkillers. OH NO! I just had an operation on my tooth. Without painkillers, I’d be experiencing tremendous pain. I had to rush back home just to get them.

Goodness… If anything, the important lesson is never ever play with the cat when packing your bags. It will just lead to disastrous consequences as it erases all your short-term memory while you pet it. Petting a cat is like bringing a hard disk near a strong magnet. Total memory erasure.

Anyway, I just noticed that my cat has gained a LOOOOOT of weight.


Look at that! It’s grown soooooo fat!

I’d thought I could make it round around a little more just so that it could shed some weight.

Well, the cat would run. But immediately after that, it ran straight to the food dish.


There’s a term in Cantonese that describes this cat perfectly: Wai-sek mao (喂食貓), a.k.a. GREEDY CAT!!! Goodness, it’s starting to remind me of Garfield.

My mum was just saying that if the cat continues to grow even fatter, it’d won’t be able to squeeze through the square holes in our gate (that’s how the cat enters and leaves our house).