More Cat Training

The cat came by to visit early this morning. It looks like it’s in a really good mood.

After feeding it a little breakfast (as I was eating mine), I soon came to a plausible explanation for the cat’s recent misbehaviour, i.e. the scratching, the chewing of shoes, etc. I noticed that the cat hasn’t been using the cat tent very much lately. Instead, the shoe mat has become its favourite place of rest. I guess this was because my mum, fearing that the cat would destroy her tablecloth and other fragile items, moved things arounds the house, radically changing the environment. The shoe mat used to be very congested. But not that it isn’t, it has become the cat’s new favourite hangout.

I intended to leave the house early today to exercise. But upon seeing the rain, I changed my mind. I thought I should make good use of the opportunity to train the cat to use the scratching post.

According to several websites, you cannot force the cat to scratch the post. It’ll hate it, and will never use the post. Instead, you have to entice it. One website recommends the human owner to scratch the post and show the cat just how much one enjoys it. I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

So, I detached the scratching post from the cat tree, put it in front of the cat and started scratching it away, while smiling and laughing. It’s probably thinking I’m a hysterical moron, as it sat on the ground watching me. Surprisingly, scratching the post with my bare hands was REALLY enjoyable. I don’t know. Somehow, scratching one’s nails against the post feels really really good. If you have a scratching post at home, give it a try! I kid you not!

Anyway, that suggestion didn’t work. The cat wasn’t amused.

So, I tried hovering toys around it, in an attempt to make it scratch the post. Some websites say that once the cat has scratched the post, it’ll soon discover just how enjoyable it is.

First, I tried dangling a string. It got the cat to paw the post many times. But the cat hadn’t yet discover the joys of scratching the post.


Next, I tried using my laser pointer.


Still didn’t work. Sure, the cat would place its paws on the post, and scratch it a little. But the cat hasn’t yet discovered the joys of scratching. Bah!

Next, I tried cat treats. Honestly, I have no idea how cat treats can encourage the cat to scratch on a post.

Eventually, I stopped trying to train the cat to scratch the post. Instead, I decided to use the cat treats to make the cat familiar with the cat tree. So I attached the scratching post back onto the cat tree and used the yummy treats to make the cat climb all over the “tree.”

As you can see, I have successfully got it to go onto the second level.


But, try as I may, the cat doesn’t seem to like being on the third level. It did go up once, but it jumped back down once it got its treat.


Look at it! It seems rather comfortable on the second level. I guess it’ll take more time for it to get comfortable with the third level.


Unfortunately, my attempts at cat training came to a halt when a black cat ran across the corridor outside the house. Immediately, my cat ran out of the house trying to chase it.

Before I could react to it, the cat was outside, walking along the corridor ledge. I don’t know where the black cat went. But I’m guessing it went to wherever my cat was looking.


I opened the gate to call the cat back in, but by then, it was at an area that’s quite out of my reach.


Oh well, good timing too, I guess. By then, it was already time to take a shower and leave the house.