Cat Training

Some of my friends noticed that I didn’t post anything about the pet cat in the past three days, and have been asking me about it.

Well, a lot of things have happened in the past few days with the cat.

First, I got the cat to co-operate with me for a special little mission. I won’t say what it is just yet, but I’m glad the cat participated in it.

So as a HUGE reward for the cat, I got it several awesome gifts!

The first gift was an upgrade on its food. I decided to buy it REAL food. The cheapo box of $4 Whiskers cat food that I bought was simply unpleasant. Even I wouldn’t eat it. If you look at the ingredients, there’s a lot of synthetic ingredients. A friend told me that his friend switched from gourmet cat food to cheap cat food and the cat died in a couple of months. I do not want that to happen to such a cute and adorable cat! No, no. So it’s good riddens cheapo cat food, and hello to real gourmet cat food.

Here’s what I got for it:


Did you see the label? It’s in French! “Duck à l’Orange” – Duck with orange. Haha… French titles sound way more exquisite than English ones.

Anyway, check out the list of ingredients! There’s no strange sounding synthetic fillers like “soy substitute” or anything like that.


In case you can’t read the label, this bag of gourmet goodness is made of real duck, real chicken, potatoes, real fish, oranges, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beet, apples, blueberries, pineapples, eggs, flaxseed, chocoy root, mussels, sea cucumber, alfafa, green tea, parsley, mint, aloe vera, spinach, brocoli and cauliflower!

Wow… If I were a cat, I’d be happy to eat it!

In fact, the cat was super excited about this. It was more than happy to gobble it up. Real food – worth every cent!

I bought a small bag (340g) for $7.50. While it’s slightly smaller than the cheapo $4 box of Whiskers, at least it contains real food and not some strange stuff concocted in some chemical lab.

Only the best for the cat!

In addition, I thought it’d be nice to reward the cat with a brand new toy. It’s like only been two weeks since I got the cat a toy. And already the toy has been very badly destroyed. After days of clawing and biting, the little toy bird now looks like this:


I feel very sorry for the toy bird.

Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to get it another toy tied to a stick. So I got it this:


Unfortunately, this thing freaks the cat out so much! If I were to swing it at the cat, it would get so scared that it’d run out of the house! Oops… Bad toy choice.

Anyway, yesterday I realised I should have used the tea cup itself as the water dish for the cat. Just a recap: my mum broke the lid for my beloved Chinese teacup (known as a gaiwan). The lid plays an important role in the brewing of tea. Now that the lid is gone, I don’t have much use for the gaiwan. Few weeks ago, I had the idea of using the saucer for food and drink. Now that the cat has been coming regularly, I thought of getting it a water dish. Thankfully, I remembered that I still have the cup itself, and so took it out yesterday and used it as its water dish.


Classy, yeah? The cat’s really living the life!

Unfortunately, in the past few days, it has been misbehaving. I wasn’t at home for the whole of Saturday and for the most part of Sunday. Perhaps the cat missed me a lot, and wanted to see me, hence the misbehaviour. It was jumping onto everything, and scratching the sofa and newspapers, and biting on shoes. My mum and brother were extremely annoyed, they wanted to get rid of the cat.

I was quite horrified. To make things more distressing for myself, I wasn’t at home (and was far from home) to do anything about the situation.

To appease everyone in the family, I did some research on the Internet and found the recommendation to get the cat a cat tree. It’s basically a scratching post and a raised platform – all in one! Apparently, once the cat learns to scratch ONLY the post, it will not scratch anything else. I just have to train it to scratch the post.


Since I bought it last night, the cat hasn’t come to like the cat tree yet. In fact, it annoys me a lot that the cat just ignores this big piece of furniture. I tried putting some catnip to attract the cat, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I guess the cat is just not familiar with the cat tree yet. I’ll just have to give it a couple of days more to familiarise itself with it. It’s the same problem with the cat tent. When I first bought the cat tent, it didn’t want to stay inside it for the first couple of days. After a while, it learnt to accept it, and has been sleeping in it for hours! I hope the cat learns to enjoy this soon.

In an attempt to get it to enjoy the cat tree, I’ve tried playing with the cat on and around the new contraption.


Well, the cat still doesn’t like it very much. Oh well, takes time I guess.

Anyway, the cat was quite intimidated by the new toy today that it ran out of the house, and decided it best to stay there, safe behind the gate from that big fluffy menace. Since it didn’t want to come in, I played with it at the gate. Look how cute it is!


It looks like it’s behind bars, pleading for mercy! So cute!