Cat Nap

By the looks of it, my part-time pet cat is fast becoming a full-time pet. Now, it enters the house through the gate whenever it likes. Today, it has gone in and out of the house on its own – three times already!

Anyway, here’s a cute picture of the cat sleeping in the tent. The little feather thingy at the top is its toy. Just hung it there for the fun of it.


Today, I learnt that it’s never a good idea to pat a cat when it’s in hunting mode. I was playing with the cat using the feather toy tied to a stick. After a while, the cat stopped chasing after the toy. So I put the toy down and patted it. Thinking it was the toy, the cat turned around, and with claws extended scratched my fourth and little finger on the right hand, slicing open my flesh. After a while, blood started oozing out of the wound. Ouch.

The cat seemed rather apologetic about it. Realising its mistake, it started meowing very loudly, repeated, as it tried to console me by rubbing its head and body against my legs. Awwww… So cute!

Anyway, as I write this, the cat crawled out of the tent to sleep on the floor. I guess the tiled floor is cooler than the tent. Oh well. At least it’s enjoying being at home. Very soon, I shall begin the process of fully domesticating it as my full-time pet cat.