Cheesy Marketing

One of my favourite hobbies is to walk around aimlessly in a bookshop, looking at stationery. I guess there’s something strangely therapeutic just looking at notepads, pens and coloured pieces of paper.

While on one of my regular rounds of observing stationery, one particular product caught my eye:


Looks really classy right? I mean… It’s THE  Da Vinci Collection! And there’s a special promotion… Such a classy looking product is going for… Not $150! Not $100! No, it’s not even $50! Instead! It’s going for an awesome timeless price of $9.90! How cool is that?

Well, it’s cool… Until you open the flap and see this:


Timelessly disappointing. -__-”

Yeah… I’m sure Da Vinci used these back in his time.

To be fair, Uni makes really good pens. I’ve been using them for years. But really… Plastic translucent pens do not match the renaissance style at all! I wouldn’t mind if the pens were made of wood (looks classy) or metal (has a Victorian steam-punk look, not exactly renaissance but still compatible with the look).

Whatever it is, do not buy this as a gift for someone, in an attempt to pass it off as something really classy – unless you want to die a horrible death (especially if you are buying this for someone dear).