Upgraded Cat Tent

In an attempt to make the cat enjoy the tent more, I decided to upgrade it!

Today, I went down to Daiso, bought some cloth, and went back home to sew it onto the tent. (Yes, I CAN sew!)

So here it is, the tent with two flaps for added privacy.


But wait! That’s not all!

I even added a Japanese banner with a picture of the Japanese Fortune Cat. According to my friend who can read Japanese, the words in white say, “Youkoso”; while the words in red say, “Irrashaimase.” Both are words of greeting – basically, “Welcome!”


Very fitting for a cosy cat home!

Anyway, in a bid to make the tent even more comfy, I bought a cushion, and wrapped it in the green towel which the cat has come to love.


And placed it in the tent.


Looks like a really comfortable place to stay in. If I was a cat, I’d definitely want to sleep in there!

Anyway, I visited the pet shop today seeking advice on how to train the cat to sleep in the tent. The salesgirl recommended sprinkling some catnip in the tent. That way the cat will love Having no other cat expert to turn to, I took her advice, bought a packet of catnip, and sprinkled it inside the tent.

I think I put way too much catnip. After a while, the cat got VERY VERY high, and super-duper playful.

Here’s a video of it’s super cuteness!