Late Night Visit

It’s 2am and the cat is still in the house.

The cat came to visit at 10pm. But my mum put it out of the house at about 11pm because she wanted to sleep, and didn’t want to stay up looking after it.

Well, my sister-in-law spotted it still outside our door at 1am, and sent me a text message. Out of curiosity, I opened the door the it kept meowing. Wasn’t too sure what it wanted. I guessed it was hungry. So I went to the kitchen and opened up the bag of cat food. Before I could put the food into it’s cute little Chinese-design food dish (my own tea cup saucer), it jumped up onto the kitchen counter!

So it’s definitely very very hungry. It ate about 3 rounds of food before it decided it had enough. I’m guessing the lady (who normally feeds the cats) was too busy to feed the cats today.

Anyway, I tried getting it to sleep in the cat tent I got for it. It wasn’t interested at all. I thought that giving it my soft-toy panda bear would encourage it to stay in the tent. Oh… Bad bad idea. The panda was like an arch-nemesis. The cat just kept attacking it, again and again, quite ruthlessly. Yikes… So much for giving it my soft-toy. >_<

Well, it’s late, and I’ve been wanting to do a few things on the computer. So I decided to leave it alone while I do my stuff. And surprise, surprise, it’s been sitting next to me as I’m using my computer. Oddly, this reminds me a lot of how dogs behave. I’m just glad it didn’t pounce onto my keyboard.


It did jump up onto my bed though. I hurriedly shoo-ed it off. I wouldn’t mind the cat resting on my bed if it wasn’t a full-time stray cat. I don’t know where it has gone. The last thing I want are strange bugs crawling around on my bed. (I shudder at that thought!)

Anyway, since the cat has been sitting next to me, I thought that it’d be nice to offer the cat something nice to rest on, since it refuses to go into the cat tent. I gave it my old towel that has holes in it.

Instant success! The cat loooooooves it so much, it’s been playing in the towel, rolling around in it. Quite cute!


Anyway, it’s 2.30am and it’s still hanging around in the house. I have to sleep soon, but I feel rather insecure leaving the cat unmonitored. Don’t know if it’ll create havoc throughout the night. They’re nocturnal animals after all. Oh well… Let’s see how it goes. *shrugs*