Evening at Marina Bay


I’d thought it’d be nice to pop by Marina Bay and have a taste of the atmosphere before the massive crowds begin to pour in for the New Year Countdown.

It was just 7pm, but you could already see masses of people assembled all over the Bay – some having picnics – with the hope of getting a good view for the fireworks later at midnight.

The atmosphere was electrifying even though it was 5 hours before the countdown. There were speakers set up all over the Bay, and it was blasting live music. It was quite a nice place to be, despite the heat. Today’s weather is really humid.

Seeking relief from the heat, my friend and I went into the mall at Marina Bay Sands, and walked around. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones trying to escape the hot weather. The place was just flooded with people.

At about 9pm, I returned to the same spot where I took the previous photo, hoping to get a better shot.


Well, at least I managed to capture the moon in this photo.

Anyway… By then, the crowd had grown exponentially due to the masses of people flooding in from the nearby train station. I figured it’d be a good idea to flee from the area before the entire nation begins assembling there. This is what you get when you cram more than 5 million people onto a tiny island, and organise a nation-wide countdown celebration.


Well, I’m glad the moon today was very nice!