Cat Toys!

Today, I was out searching for a tea whisk. I’m trying to master the art of making tea in the Song Dynasty Style (which is also the same way tea is made in the Japanese Tea Ceremony).

But instead of getting one, I ended up buying stuff for my beloved cat.

I was reading on the Internet that toys are very helpful to cats. And it so happens that I passed by a pet shop. Well, it was a good thing I did some prior research. I read that one of the best toys to get is a little feather thingy attached, via a string, to a stick. So all you have to do is to wobble the stick, and swing it around in front of the cat, and it’ll start chasing it.

Here’s a video of my mum playing with the cat.

After some time, the cat managed to rip the feather thing off the toy. All that’s left is this odd little soft toy that looks like a mouse and at some angles, like a gold fish.


It definitely had lots and lots of fun chasing after the feather and soft toy.


Look at just how hard it concentrates! It looks so cute from this angle!

In addition to this toy, I saw another one that looked rather interesting. Thought I’d buy it anyway since it was just a couple of dollars. It’s basically two soft toys on a spring-like thingy that’s stuck to a suction cup. The idea is that the cat would have lots of fun batting the objects, and watch it sway to and fro. Well, apparently not. The first thing the cat did was not to bat the thing with its paws. No, it just went ahead and bit the soft toys with its sharp teeth. The soft toy bird popped out of the suction cup, and the next thing I knew, the cat was attacking the soft toy as if it was a real bird. Quite interesting.


Look how the cat is closely guarding the soft toy bird under its paws.

Anyway, that thing which the cat is in, I just bought that too. I don’t know what to call it, so I’ll just call it a cat tent. Thought that it’d be quite cool to offer the cat a nice comfy place to rest in whenever it wants. Hopefully it’ll make it want to stay in our house more often.

Since cats enjoy hiding behind curtains and table clothes, I’m thinking of buying a big piece of cloth from Daiso (probably a Chinese/Japanese design) and drape it on top of the cat tent.


The cat tent is still rather alien to the cat. So it didn’t like staying inside it for too long. It was only when I draped a towel over it that the cat found it a little more comfortable to reside in.

Anyway, after playing with the cat for half an hour, it was so exhausted, it fell asleep… outside the tent! Haha! Looks like I gotta work harder at making the tent more livable for the cat.

Haha… If you notice, I have a bad habit of not referring to animals by their names. I know this particular cat is called “Didi.” But I’m just too used to calling it “Cat.” If this cat didn’t have a name, I’d probably name it after one of the philosophers. Haha… Imagine calling this cat, “Confucius”! (Actually, I am VERY VERY tempted to name this cat Confucius or Lao Tzu, or give it a semi-philosophical name like Mao Tzu.)

“Come Confucius! It’s time for dinner!”


Confucius says, “Meow!”