Camouflage FAIL

A few days ago, I was on a bus travelling on one of the expressways. During my journey, I spotted a government facility that was camouflaged in the midst of all the vegetation on the side of the expressway. Guess what made that camouflaged building so easy to spot?

The building had a HUGE signage of the organisation’s name!!! Not only was it as big as a bus, it was also made up of SHINY SILVER METAL!!!

Seriously?! What’s the point of camouflaging a building so well when you’re gonna stick such an enormous shiny signage on that building?!?!?!

If this country ever gets invaded, I’m pretty sure that facility will be the first to be destroyed.

I’d love to post a photo, but the bus zoomed away before I could whip out my camera. Then again, I was too busy groaning at the stupidity of what I just saw, while burying my face in my hands.