More Non-Adventures of the Part-Time Pet Cat

Guess who came to visit on Christmas? Nope, it’s not Santa. It’s my part-time pet cat!


Over one of our family dinners, we thought it’d be fun to get the cat to choose 4D numbers (lottery). My mum was quite excited by the idea. So, she got the numbers 0 to 9 written on little pieces of paper, crumpled them into tiny balls and poured it over the cat.


The cat looked rather puzzled by what was happening.


Since none of the paper bits stuck to the cat, my mum held its paws and patted those paws onto the scraps of paper until one of those numbers stuck to the cat.


Haha… Unfortunately, the cat wasn’t amused at all. So, it walked out of the house and sat in front of our door, looking rather annoyed.


It’s probably thinking: Do I look like a fortune cat to you?!

Anyway, I realised that we’ve been visited by two different cats that look exactly the same. There is this lady in the neighbourhood who goes about feeding all the cats everyday. According to my sister-in-law who spoke to that lady, the one with the blue collar is called “Didi”, while the one with the pink collar is called “Bibi.” Both cats are orange in colour (and they remind me of the movie, “Puss in Boots”). I suspect there is a third one because the one featured in this post has a collar that’s of a much darker blue compared to the other blue-collared cat. Of course, there is the possibility that the collar was changed – but I’m not sure.

So, basically, I have not one, but at least TWO part-time pet cats! Awesome! And they each take turns to visit us. How cool is that? I’d like to see both (or all three, if a third one exists) in the house.

It turns out that they are quite fussy eaters too. One reason is because the lady who feeds them in the void deck, has been feeding these cats with really expensive cat food. So, when I tried to feed them with a $4 box of cat food, these cats simply smelled it, and walked away. The other time, we fed it canned salmon – and the cat gobbled it up so quickly! Moral of the story? Don’t buy cheap cat food. These cats really know what’s good food!


It looks like the only thing these cats are willing to consume is milk – but not too much apparently. My brother bought a small can of gourmet cat food. But we haven’t had the chance to let the cat have a try. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that it’ll gobble it all up.


Anyway, the cat(s) have learnt to follow me around. When it sees me in the void deck, I’ll just go, “Meow meow!” and proceed to pat my thigh twice, and it will just follow me wherever I go – just like how Pikachu follows Ash in Pokemon. It’s so cute. I love how it’ll follow behind me, and occasionally running around my legs. So cute!


“Look at me! Adore my awesome cuteness!”