An Oddity with a Strange Copy

Last night, I visited Daiso with a friend.

One item that caught her attention was this weird-looking product:


We were trying to figure out what on earth it is. Sure, it says, “Interior Decoration,” but which item in the house needs this decoration? And for that matter, what on earth is this gnomish-looking thingy?

You would think that the fine print will tell you what it is, right?

Well, to our surprise, here’s what it says:


Your day is filled with happiness and love. Life was beautiful then. I remember the time. Intelligent choice, practical choice. We believe your best choice.

Great! It tells me absolutely nothing about this odd-looking fuzzy thing.

On the other hand, all I know is that buying this will be the best choice I’ve ever made – it’s the intelligent choice, the practical choice.

Well, the person who designed this made the wise choice of not using Comic Sans. Thank goodness! At least it looks like a credible product from afar.