The Erhu Player at Orchard

This is really cool. I was walking around Orchard Road yesterday afternoon. As I was going up the escalator leading from Wheelock to the Lido Shaw House building, I heard the sound of the erhu.

It was beautiful. From a distance, I could actually feel the emotion transferred by the player into the music, which in turned was transferred into me. It was phenomenal. My heart was moved by the melodious tune. I had to find out who was playing the Erhu so beautifully. With that, I ran up the escalator.

And there I saw, this man standing at the corner, dancing as he held the erhu, passionately putting all his heart and soul in playing the instrument.


Wow… It was so phenomenally awesome. My jaw dropped in wonder. For the next ten minutes, I sat at the ledge, closed my eyes and listened attentively to the beautiful, yet emotion-evoking melody. Probably the best ten minutes of my life.

After that, I spoke to him. Turns out this guy is an erhu teacher. His name is Tony Low. Do say “Hi!” if you ever meet him in Orchard Road. Quite a talented person. According to him, he has learnt to play all the various Chinese instruments, but erhu is still his favourite because of its tonal quality. I agree. There’s something very unique about the erhu which the violin cannot replicate. There’s something about its tonal quality that is capable of evoking a lot of feelings in a person. Ok, maybe not all people, but I know that I am always moved by erhu music. It’s so touching.

Anyway, he is able to play a wide variety of music – classical, jazz, pop, and of course, classical Chinese music. Quite impressive. He performed “Flight of the Bumblebee” for me on the erhu. That was amazing! If you don’t know what it is, go search it up. As it is, it’s already madness playing it on the piano. To play it on a two-stringed instrument – I’m speechless!

This guy is just amazing. I hope to bump into him again in Orchard Road.