A Trip to the Singapore Flyer

Yesterday, my brother brought the whole family to the Singapore Flyer. Perhaps it was a bad idea to come on a public holiday, especially in the evening, where everybody wants to see the sunset and nightlights. Why?

Because you have to queue…

And queue…


And queue…


And queue…


Well, we finally made it to the gantry where the staff scanned our tickets. Next, we had to go through something similar to airport security – metal detectors and x-ray scanners for everybody. You’d think that after queuing so much, we could now board the Flyer right?



Now, we had to queue in the gallery of ugly art.

Well, I’ll give the management the credit for taking the effort to entertain customers in the event of a long queue. But seriously… A gallery of ugly art?! To make matters worse, it’s not just any kind of art. It’s specifically ugly art about the Flyer!


I don’t get it! It looks like it was done on PowerPoint. Oh… And of all the fonts… Comic Sans?! Seriously?!?!?! What the hell?

Well… Perhaps, it was the management’s way of saying, “Oh, we’re so sorry that you have to stand in a perpetual line of waiting. But don’t worry, here’s some pictures of the Flyer to make you feel better about the lost of your precious time. We’ve made the artwork ugly to remind you that your dreams of boarding the Flyer is nothing but a nightmare – a nightmare of perpetual wait. MUAH HAHAHAHAHA!”

Eventually, this queue led us to another room – the Reservoir of Dreams.


Before looking at the next picture, what do you think a gallery about dreams should contain? Something nice? Fluffy clouds or something? Well, maybe if you’re a bit more adventurous, something similar to Inception? Yes?

Well, guess what the Flyer’s Reservoir of Dreams contain?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… The Reservoir of Broken Dreams!


How’s this supposed to be representative of people’s dreams? Broken dreams, perhaps. Nightmares, more likely. I don’t know. If people tell me that they have dreams like this, I wouldn’t hesitate to call the mental asylum.

Here’s a close-up of your dream (according to the Flyer management):


Broken. That’s right. Your dream of boarding the Flyer is not gonna happen. Happy waiting in this perpetual queue! -_-”


Would you like to make a guess what’s in the next room? Did you say “more queuing?” YES! You’re right!


Now, we have to queue in a dark room, with a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps this is what purgatory is like. It’s a long and boring perpetual queue. The queue is moving, but you’ll never get out of it.

Anyway, after what felt like an eternity, we were finally nearing the light.


Again, after another round of what-felt-like-eternity, we were finally out of the dark room.

And lo and behold! Finally, the Flyer’s capsule!


But guess what? It’s another so-close-yet-so-far incident – because there’s yet another queue!!!



Seriously… I feel like I’ve been trolled by the management. To my annoyance, it turns out that so many of the capsules were empty – they were reserved for people who could afford to pay much much more than the already-expensive peasant price (which costs SGD$40 per person). The interior of those capsules was really stylish. One capsule had a boardroom meeting table, another capsule had luxurious leather sofas. Yet another had a table decorated for fine dining.

Well, anyway… After ONE HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES (1h 30m) of waiting, we finally boarded the capsule. Ouch.


Well, at least the view from the Flyer was quite spectacular. In many ways, it made the wait worth it. As you ascend into the sky, the annoyance felt while standing in the queue of eternal wait simply dissipated.


At the very least, we were lucky enough to see the last few minutes of the sunset.


Here’s a view of the ground if you were to look down.


Night descended really quickly. In no time, all the city lights were up and we were enjoying the beautiful night scene of Singapore.


Twenty to thirty minutes later, we were almost reaching the highest point of the Flyer.


Here’s how Singapore looks from the highest point of the Flyer.


Beautiful, isn’t it?

Here’s how Marina Bay looks like from up high.


Notice those blue little dots in the water? If you have ever stood by the side of the waters at the Esplanade, you’d notice many white orbs floating around. I finally understood what those orbs are for – aesthetics. It’s beautiful!

The total duration of our ride was about an hour. I must say, it was quite awesome (excluding the queue).

Unfortunately, I think the queue’s like this every night. If you want to avoid the queue, you could go in the day when it’s not a public holiday, but you wouldn’t be able to see anything really awesome during the day. The splendour of the city is manifested only in the evenings and nights.

On the way out, we passed by the entrance. The queue was about the same length as when we entered. Poor people… They have no idea how long they have to queue.

Oh well… Anyway, I would definitely like to come back here again. The view was quite awesome.