Second Attempt at the Name Seal Project

It’s 4am and I am still awake. Haha… No, it’s not insomnia. I refuse to sleep until I can make a significant improvement on the name seal.

Here’s the result:


It looks much better right? I finally figured out how to carve it for greater clarity. I used a different seal script for two of the characters for clarity. The initial design would probably look much better if the engraving was done on stone. But since I’m doing this on cheap wood, the lesser lines there are, the better.

I would have declared this the finish product – BUT to my horror, I realised I carved one line wrongly. A portion of the character on the top left hand corner is inverted.

AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! Please excuse me as I bang my head against the wall, bash the crap of out myself with $2 blocks of wood, and maybe stab myself with the engraving chisel.

My goodness! All that painful effort gone to waste. Sigh…

I’m still quite awake, and pretty motivated to carve again, but I think I should go sleep. My fingers are hurting from the delicate carving. If you’re curious, the seal imprint is exactly 3cm x 3cm – that’s how small it is. No… I didn’t carve the wood with my bare fingers. (It would be interesting to blog about it though) It’s a boring long story why my fingers hurt from engraving, which I won’t go into.

This project shall be on hold… till tomorrow.