Preliminary Results of the Name Seal Project

I went out to buy a set of carving tools. Turns out Popular bookstore sells it cheaper than Daiso. For a set of 12 engraving chisels and a cutting board, I got mine for about $7. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to get it from Daiso at such a price.

Anyway, after getting the wood from Daiso, I went back home, drew a pencil design onto the block and started carving away.


Oh… I regret choosing wood as the medium. I thought it’d be easier to carve than stone. I was soooo wrong. Turns out there are many problems with using wood – cheap wood especially. The wood’s too soft. As a result, I had to carve my lines as thick as I could. Which is bad news because it meant that I couldn’t carve out the smaller words clearly. And it seems that the wood absorbs a looooot of ink. Most of the imprints end up as just red squares instead.

Anyway, here’s a photo of an imprint that does not look like a square of red ink:


It has a very ancient feel. But the words can’t be seen clearly at all. I’ll see if I can make a better one tomorrow. Worse comes to worse, I might decide to work with seal stones instead. It looks easier to carve.