The Part-Time Pet Cat

There are several cats living around the neighbourhood. One cat in particular likes to come up to my floor and sit outside my house door. Apparently, it has a friend (or lover) staying in one of the units in the same floor.


Anyway, since this cat comes by very frequently, I decided that it’ll be a great idea to adopt it as a part-time pet cat. The idea is simple – it continues living its usual kitty lifestyle around the neighbourhood, but comes by for at least an hour to hang out in my house every now and then. This way, both of us can continue our lives as per normal, and occassionally break the mundane routine with its delightful visit. The cat comes and receives all the love and attention it can get from everyone at home, and we get to have a pet to feed and play with. The best part? There’s no need to buy kitty litter, or worry about scratched furniture! It’s a win-win situation for everybody!

The plan has worked quite well. The cat visits us very regularly now in the evenings, usually around 9pm and hangs around until it gets bored. It’ll then leave on its own by squeezing through the gate.

My brother decided to put an angry bird soft-toy next to the cat one day. It makes for an interesting short-story. =p


Cat: OH HAI!


Angry Bird: CAW!!! What you looking at?!?!?!


Cat: Oh… Nothing. What’s that behind you?


Cat: Lalalala…