Horror at the Dental Clinic

I’ve been having a really bad toothache on the lower right jaw for the past few days. Don’t know what’s the cause, but drinking and eating has been a terrible pain. Worse still, I can’t laugh too much or else it’ll hurt very badly.

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to see a dentist after waiting TWO days! (I never knew how popular dentists are – they’re fully booked most of the time such that you can never walk in to see one.)

I have never visited the dentist ever since National Service. The many years before that, I’ve been relying on the school’s/military dental service (which is free of charge). So you could say that this is the first time I’ve made a visit to a normal dental clinic. This dental clinic made quite an impression. It makes the dentist look as if he’s obsessed with sex. In his clinic, he has a magazine rack filled with magazines like “Cosmopolitan”, “Men’s Health”, and the likes. That’s fine. What was really odd was the arrangement of the magazines. The magazines in the rack were arranged in such a way that only the words, “SEX” and “ORGASM” were displayed, while everything else on the covers were just blocked by other magazines. It’s too uncanny to have been a coincidence. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the clinic, and right there staring at me in the face were “SEX SEX ORGASM SEX SEX ORGASM SEX” proudly displayed on the magazine rack. Hmmmmmmm……

Anyway, when the dentist finally inspected my teeth after a gruesome 2-day wait, he said, “You have really good teeth and gums! I don’t see a problem.”

What?! This just calls the whole existence of my toothache into question: was I really suffering from a toothache, or was it just an illusion?

Oh, come on!

This is annoying. I’ve been hurting for the past two days and here the dentist tells me that my teeth and gums are ok? This makes no sense!

Seeing a very very annoyed patient, the dentist suggested a few possible reasons and solutions. Desperate for the pain to end, I told him, “Ok, just do whatever it takes.”

I probably shouldn’t have said that. For the next 30 minutes, there I was, lying back on the dental chair, regretting those very words, as the dentist took a mini high-powered drill and started poking it into the gaps between my teeth – each and every single gap! O-U-C-H-! It was half an hour of pure torture. Goodness… And the best thing he could say during the excruciating process was: “Relax!”Right… I’d like to see him relax if that happened to him. -_-”

Sadly, even after that half-hour of agony, my toothache still persists (even today). And if that’s not all, the fee was a shocking SGD$85! I felt like I just got assaulted and robbed, legally. The dentist said that the pain should subside within two to three days. If it doesn’t, I should come back to visit him again. Erm… After what I’ve been through? No thanks. I’ll probably find a better one.

Moral of the story? Don’t go to a cheap and good dentist. In the end, it’s not cheap, and neither is it good.