My Art is in the National Museum!!!

Ok… Not really. Haha…

The National Museum of Singapore is currently exhibiting art works from the Musée d’Orsay. At the end of the exhibit, there’s a little corner where there are tables, paper and colour pencils for people to draw and hang their works on the wall.

The first thing I drew was this:


Haha… HUAT AH! (translation: Let’s prosper!) It’s supposed to be a mahjong tile. Haha… It’s badly drawn… I know… But I couldn’t resist doing that. I’m hoping someone would have a good laugh seeing this on the wall of the National Museum.

Anyway, after that little bit of mischief, I began drawing a more serious piece of art…


Here’s the final result (entirely done in colour pencil):


Well, I don’t know if the museum people like it. Hopefully it remains up on the wall for the next few days (or weeks).