Fun with Gel Lenses!

I’ve been having some fun with the first gel lens that I decided to buy another one today!

The grey one creates a star-burst effect while the green one is a fish-eye/wide-angle lens.


For readers unfamiliar with this, this lens is to be attached to your phone camera (not necessarily the iPhone).

I bought the wide-angle lens at Vivocity. It was quite convenient to walk out to the harbour to give the lens a try. Here’s a photo without the lens.


Here’s a photo with the lens:


There’s a little vignetting at the edges. But notice how a lot more stuff is captured thanks to the lens. You can use the cable car tower (centre, right) as a gauge when comparing the photos. There’s some distortion at the sides too.

Nonetheless, I realised the photos look much better when changed into black and white. (Then again, many things look good when in black and white)




Anyway, now that Christmas lights are up, I decided to head down to Orchard Road to test the full awesomeness of the star-burst lens. Look how sparkly the lights are!



I’m glad I really got these two gel lenses. I’ll be going to Hong Kong soon for vacation. And I’m definitely gonna have lots of fun taking photos with these lenses. More awesome shots coming soon!