Customised Tumbler Design: Calligraphy Painting of Bamboo

Several weeks ago, I bought a Starbucks tumbler only because they were selling one that allows you to customise its design.


All you have to do is come up with your own custom design, cut it according to the instructions (you need to cut it into a specific shape), remove the cap at the bottom, and insert your own design. And voila! A customised tumbler. And if you’re bored with the design, you can always make a new one!


Now that the holidays are here, I finally got the time to hand-make my own design. I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks, ever since I bought this tumbler!

So today, I decided to practice a little calligraphy painting. This is what I painted:


Next I had it cut according to the instructions.

And voila! My very own custom-design tumbler!


The plastic gives your art work a glossy effect, making it look as if it was printed. It’s really cool!

I’m a very pleased! ^_^