Marina Bay

I love hanging out at Marina Bay at night. Everything about that place is wonderful. You can stand by the waters, and feels the soft evening breeze pass gently by. The colourful lights decorating all the skyscrapers helps to create a lovely ambience, that’s great for a quiet time alone, or even with friends. Occasionally, one can spot a little boat quietly sailing by.

Today, I decided to test the newly bought $4 gel lens for the iPhone. Here’s how the pictures turned out:


Lovely, isn’t it? This has got to be the best $4 photography investment I’ve ever made.

Here’s a photo of the other side of the Bay.


I’m not sure about the timings, but Marina Bay Sands has a very spectacular light show on every night. There’s lasers, floodlights, and other kinds of luminous things that have been adjusted to synchronise with the music. In some ways, it’s as spectacular as watching the fireworks. Here’s a photo I took a few days ago.


Anyway, here are some panaromic shots of Marina Bay.



Beautiful, isn’t it?