Standing in the Rain

Ahh… It’s lovely to take a walk in the rain. It’s always refreshing, both to the body and to the soul. =)

Here’s a little poem that I wrote as recreation amidst the busy schedule:


Raindrops gently falling,
down from the grey-cloud skies.
The smell of fresh cut grass
and rain most pleasant sweet.

Along the shore, I stand,
while soaking in the rain.
The rain’s refreshing drops;
softly pelting on my skin.
The drop’s cool sensation
my soul revitalised.

I gaze into the sky
as clouds are floating by.
These clouds, serene and free,
not a care in the world.
No hurry nor a worry,
it slowly hovers by.
Living for the moment,
it cares not where it goes.

I’m deeply mesmerised,
and lost in this sweet sight.
In this rain I stand, yet –
forget that I am here.
My mind transported to
the skies above so grey
and floating with these clouds
my worries melt away.

Thus, standing in the rain,
I stand carefree, alive!