Hidden Gems of NUS: Comics Galore!

NUS can be quite an awesome place to be in when you know where to find all the awesome stuff. For the benefit of all my friends who are studying here, I’ve decided to start a series documenting all the awesome places that you can go to make your undergraduate/post-graduate experience a most awesome one!

First up – comics!

The last place most people would expect to find comics is in the university library. But hey! Guess what? The library has stocked some of the most awesome comics that you can find! Why’s that the case, because these are the comics that are so awesome that they have attraction academic attention. So what you have here is a collection of some of the most amazing comics – comics with really deep meaning and themes, or a really beautiful storyline. I’ve read quite a few myself. And I must say they are really worthwhile.

Anyway… The most important question… Where are they?!

Well, the comics are kept in two sections of the library: (1) The literature section, and (2) The Fine Arts section.

Let’s start first with the literature section. You can find them at this shelf:


Over at the literature section, you can find Marvel comics!


And a range of other popular comics like Batman, Dilbert, and Tintin. But on top of that, there’s a really good collection of lesser known comics which are also worth checking out. Do drop by and borrow one each week to relief yourself of the stress of academia!


The other area where you can find awesome comics is the Fine Arts section:


Over at this shelf, you will find a wide collection of mostly Singaporean and some Malaysian comics.


The most popular comic from my childhood days is there too! I’m talking about Mr. Kiasu!


I’m amused that some of the Mr. Kiasu comics have been given hard-cover binding, making it appear like a really serious book with a funny title. (It looks almost like a Thesis).

Here’s more Mr. Kiasu!


What’s really great about this shelf is that you get to find a series of really old local comics that can give you really interesting insights into Singapore in the 60s all the way to the 90s. There are many local comics – really good ones – which for some reason, have been discontinued.

Here’s another one with an interesting title:


“Wake up your ideas!” It gives you a glimpse of National Service training in late 80s and early 90s. Really cool stuff. There’s even more amazing comics around, but I’ll leave it to you to browse around.

Don’t forget that an undergraduate has a borrowing limit of 20 books! Have fun! =D