Japanese Pumpkin Curry!

Half a semester has flown by and I realised that I haven’t done any cooking in the last 9 weeks or so.

So today, I decided to cook Japanese Pumpkin Curry! I got the recipe from the manga, “Addicted to Curry”!


What I love about this manga is that at the end of every book is a curry recipe! Really awesome stuff!

Anyway, today’s dish is called Pumpkin Curry and it is one of the healthiest curries ever. There’s no coconut milk. I didn’t even have to add salt. The ingredients itself provided enough salt and flavour that none needs to be added.

Here’s a picture of the pot full of boiling curry!


What has gone into this? Garlic, ginger, butter, milk, onions, pumpkin, chicken stock, curry mix (something you can buy from the supermarket – they’ve already mixed the essential curry spices together), tomato sauce (this seems rather unorthodox, but it was prescribed in the recipe), curry leaves, and chilli. And all of it was prepared in less than an hour. If anything, the bulk of the work revolved around having to remove the skin from the pumpkin. Everything else was a breeze.

So here’s the final product!


How was it? It was simply fantastic! The curry tasted like it had coconut milk in it even though there wasn’t any at all! But what was truly awesome about it was the sweetness of the curry thanks to the pumpkin. Oh wow! I don’t know how to describe it. It’s a kind of sweetness that’s appropriate only for curry. Best curry ever! =D

I do recommend reading this manga if you are a huge fan of curry! There are several recipes. And on top of that, there’s even a guide on what additional ingredients you can add to enhance the flavour of the curry to your liking. It’s simply amazing!