Train Brand Tea – The Most Awesome English Tea You Could Ever Drink!

We often imagine that good teas must necessarily cost a bomb! More often than not, there’s so many people who invest a great sum of money just for a good cup of tea. But there’s one particular brand of tea that’s just as awesome and fortunately, does not carry a hefty price tag!

Let me introduce you to… Train Brand Tea!


If you ever go to the local coffee shops in Singapore (and I don’t mean Starbucks) and ordered a cup of teh (tea), the ones with the most awesome teh that you’ve ever tasted are the ones offering this particular brand of tea!

Unfortunately, this brand of tea can’t be found at every supermarket. I first tried this tea several years ago when I spotted the unique packaging. I kinda forgot about this tea until last week, when I was just walking around the supermarket with a friend, that I discovered it once again!

This tea has a very unique fragrance and taste. It’s so unique that you can immediately identify which coffee shops actually offer this most awesome tea.

How does it taste/smell? Well, for starters, it has your standard English red tea smell (think of how Lipton tea smells). But that’s not all! What makes it so awesome is the presence of a faint tinge of vanilla aroma/taste. It may not seem like much, but this added flavour is precisely what makes Train Brand Tea so awesome!

Now… How much do you think this awesome box of tea would cost? $50 like the ones at TWG? No! $10? No! $2? No! HOLY COW! So how much does it cost? At NTUC, it is sold at 94 cents!!! Yes! This delightful box of awesomeness will set you back by 94 cents and it’ll last you for at least a month or two!!!

Amazing, isn’t it?

Anyway… I should provide some instructions on how to prepare this tea since most of us are only familiar with tea bags, and so will not know just how much tea to put. I made the same mistake too. This tea can be very potent and can give you a sore throat if you drank an overdose. I used to stupidly scoop up a mountain with a teaspoon to make this tea. It tasted really good, but the after-effects was just bad. So it’s very important to put in the right amount for the most pleasurable tea drinking experience EVER!

The first thing you need to do is to scoop up one tablespoon worth of tea. You might need to vary the amount accordingly since different people use different amounts of water. DO NOT SCOOP A MOUNTAIN-WORTH OF TEA! YOU’LL GET A SORE THROAT!!!


Next, you’ll need to put it into one of those do-it-yourself tea bags. You can buy this from Daiso ($2 only!) or from the supermarket (about $3-4). Alternatively, you can use a french press. It’s almost impossible to remove the leaves if you just leave it to soak in your cup because the leaves have been so finely ground that all attempts with a spoon or a sift will be futile.


Inverse the DIY tea bag to secure the leaves.


And put it in your cup, fill it up with very hot water (not boiling water). And then, let is soak for about a minute. Do not soak it too long or leave it in the cup the whole tea. This rule applies to all teas. Doing this will make your tea leave behind a bitter after taste and a bad feeling in your throat.


When the time is up, remove the tea bag, and enjoy the heavenly red glow of awesomeness!


Finally, add your sugar, creamer, milk, condense milk, or whatever it is that you normally add to your tea. And voila! A cup of tea that even Mozart would enjoy!


So what are you waiting for? Quick! Go to your nearest supermarket and buy one now! It’s too awesome not to try!

(Earlier, I said that not all supermarkets sell this. I think only the major NTUCs and Shop and Save has it. I’ve never seen this sold at Cold Storage. Thus far, I have only bought this at the Paya Lebar Post Office NTUC and the Shop and Save at Kovan, along Yio Chu Kang Road, adjacent to Highland Road. Drop me a message if you can’t find it. I will be happy to buy and mail it over to you. =) )

I just realised I wrote this like an advertisement. Unfortunately, I’m not paid any commission for this. I’m just so excited over this delicious flavour of tea. It’s one of the best red tea experiences that’s worth sharing with everyone!

  • Leela

    Omg. I know this is late but I had to post a comment. I wanted to buy this tea at NTUC today and was taken aback by the price. Guess how much it costs now? $3.60! Like wtf. In just a span of 6 years, this damn tea has increased by 400%. Do you know where I can still buy this tea cheaply?