I had a pleasant surprise last night when I was coming back home. There was a cute little cat sitting in front of the door of my house.


According to my mum, this cat is a stray cat. Nonetheless, some lady living on the same floor has given it a collar and has been feeding it regularly at the void deck. As you can see from the photo above, the cat looks very very well fed. It has beautiful fur and it looks quite healthy.

Anyway, the cat seemed to have figured out where the lady lives, and it comes by quite regularly to wait for her. Today’s one of those days where the cat makes its appearance.


We tried to bring the cat into our house just to play with it. But it was quite scared since it’s unexplored territory. So in the end, it just sat in front of our entrance with a rather carefree attitude about the world.


I love cats. If I could, I would keep a cat in my house. But my mum has this worry that the cat would scratch all the furniture in the house. Oh well. Perhaps the next best thing will be to feed this cat and persuade it to be a regular visitor of our home. That way, we can invite it in every night, play with it, and let it go back out into its comfortable domain of the void deck.


What are you looking at?


Play with me now!!!