When you drink water, think of its source. (飲水思源)

Not too long ago, a few of us decided to embark on a little art project known as ArtXchange. Each month, someone will decide a theme and everyone will be randomly assigned someone whom they are supposed to mail their artwork to by post (snail mail!).

The theme for this month was: GRATITUDE.

So here’s the artwork that I painted:


Behind it are the accompanying Chinese words, 飲水思源 (yin-shui-ssu-yüan), which means: when you drink water, think of its source, i.e. remember where and how the water came from. Don’t just be thankful for the water: be thankful for all the elements and processes (both past and present) that allowed you to enjoy that humble cup of water.

It’s a popular Chinese idiom. Basically, what it means is that one must be grateful for all the people, actions, events, and circumstances, that has allowed you to go this far in life – for where you are now, and for the person that you are today.