Japanese Supermarket: Meidi-ya!

One of my favourite past times is to visit the Japanese Supermarket, Meidi-ya, at Liang Court (near Clarke Quay).


I love this Japanese Supermarket! There’s always something amazing waiting to be discovered! But if that’s not all, there’s a wide variety of awesome high quality products imported directly from Japan! This place is THE supermarket for the Japanese. Come down any time and you’ll always find Japanese people and their families doing their grocery shopping here.

What I really love about this place is its seafood section. This is the only supermarket in Singapore where its fresh seafood section does not have a bad smell. I don’t know how they did it, but they’re able to make the fresh seafood smell really good. It smells so good that I always have temptations to buy and chow down on a huge piece of raw salmon, like the one below:


Look at the salmon! It smells good, and looks sooooo delicious!

The seafood section stretches for about 10 metres, with a wide variety of sushi and sashimi on sale at one end! And everything looks really delicious! Sugoi!!!

Apart from their fresh seafood, they have an amazing variety of Japanese-type beef (though not all are imported from Japan, some are from US or Australia). Here’s a picture of Kobe Beef:


Look at how the fats are so well distributed within the flesh! This is what makes kobe beef taste so awesome. But wait! Shouldn’t the fats all be lined on the outer side of a cow? Why are the fats so evenly distributed? How did they do that? This is amazing, but true: the farmers massage their cows! I have no idea how the cows are massaged, but I guess if you own a massage chair and used it excessively, this is what’s gonna happen to your flesh and fats!

Anyway, take a good look at the photo above and see how thinly and well sliced the beef is! I suppose this is the result of using a katana knife (knife made like a samurai sword)? It’s amazing how they’re able to cut things so well. Oh! How I wish I could learn to cut like this!

If you ever find yourself in need of buying take-away food for a picnic (or for your meal on a budget flight), they have a section selling all kinds of delicious Japanese take-away foods! Look at this!


If you don’t feel like eating rice, here’s something Western:


WOW! Looks really delicious!

The take-aways are a little bit pricey. But the good news is that prices are slashed from 5pm onwards. If I remember correctly, they will slash the prices even further towards 7 or 8pm. But no worries, the food will still taste just as great!

Oh! Here’s a little product that I really love! It’s called: Zakkokumai (雑穀米). It’s a mix of grains, beans, and seeds to add on to your rice so as to make your meal super healthy! It’s high in fibre, minerals, and vitamins! And it tastes really great too!


One packet of this contains several satchets. Whenever you want to cook rice with this, you’ll just have to use one satchet. Soak the contents of the satchet in water for a while, then cook it together with your rice in the rice cooker, and voila! A super nutritious and tasty bowl of rice!

As usual, whenever you go to any Japanese place, you’ll always discover something unusual!

For example… Pikachu Instant Noodles!


“How are your noodles?”

“It tastes very pika!”

No… I doubt the noodles have the meat of Pikachu, nor is it pokemon flavour. But it is quite cool to see such packaging!

But wait! There’s more! If eating your favourite/hated cartoon character in a cup of instant noodles is not enough, there’s more to satisfy your cartoon-cannibalist cravings!

Behold! Fishcakes made to look like Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, and Stitch!



And if that’s not enough, there’s still Pikachu and Doraemon fishcakes too!


I suppose the Pikachu fishcakes will go very well with the Pikachu Instant Noodles. Although it’s kinda weird having a pokemon, like Pikachu, taste like fish. Well, unless it’s a fish-pokemon, I guess that wouldn’t be so bad?

Hmmm… I’m guessing that there is some irony over how Doraemon tastes like fish too. Perhaps it’s because he ate too much fish? Maybe?

One other thing I like about this Japanese supermarket is that they have all kinds of Japanese beer. The selection is far wider than what you can get elsewhere (of course!).

But first, a tribute to my favourite Japanese beer! Sapporo!


What’s unique about the Sapporo here is that they sell standard-sized cans, mini cans, mega huge cans, and even bottles! It all depends on how much you want to drink. Haha… They even have a 6-pack mini-can. The cans are really small. In the photo above, the cans on the left are the standard-sized ones (your usual soft drink can size). The mini-cans are the ones on the right. They’re slightly bigger than a shot-glass.

Anyway, here are some of the different kinds of Japanese beer that you can only find here. I’ve included the English description of the beers. Be sure to have a good look at it!


Wow… The description is enough to make my mouth water!


I must try this one day!

There are many other beers (and sake) that’s on sale. But I’ve uploaded these few photos just to provide a glimpse. It’s best to see (and try) them yourself! =)

Well, that’s the end of my mini tour around Meidi-ya! There’s a lot of other interesting Japanese products that’s on sale here. It’s a really nice experience just taking a stroll around this place, checking out everything that’s on display. If you have not done it before, do give it a try!

I think the best part of the experience is in buying something that’s unique to this supermarket to try it out. Who knows? You might just discover something really really awesome! (Just like how I discovered Zakkokumai, and Genmaicha!)

It’s these simple adventures that adds colour to the mundane routines of life.