Bamboo (竹)

Here’s another attempt at painting with a Chinese calligraphy brush.


I had to buy a brand new brush dedicated for painting because the previous attempt almost destroyed my writing brush.

It’s amazing what books you can find at the Architecture section of the University’s library. I was able to paint this thanks to a very useful book.


The book is “Japanese Ink Painting: The Art of Sumi-e” by Naomi Okamoto. There is a big difference between Japanese and Chinese things. Nonetheless, when it comes to brush painting, the techniques and many other styles are quite similar since it was inherited from the Chinese.

I would have gone for a Chinese Ink Painting book if it was available, but it’s usually quite hard to find such books in English. Such books exist in Chinese, but my command of the language is really bad. On the other hand, there are way more books on Japanese things that are documented/translated into English. I suppose it might be due to historical reasons. I don’t know.

But I really love this book. It teaches you the very basics, like how to load the brush with ink (it’s not as straightforward as dipping it into the ink!), and how to paint various things, such as leaves, plants, trees, birds, flowers, etc. It’s a really great book! I hope to follow everything in this book very closely to improve my brush painting ability. This means… More brush art to come!