Exciting Discovery!

How nice! I just had an exciting discovery today while browsing through the new Popular bookshop at the new Clementi shopping mall. So… What is it? It’s this!


It’s a Chinese calligraphy brush with a built-in refillable ink reservoir! It’s kinda like those refillable ink cartridges that you can find in fountain pens, and it even works the same way as those things! Amazing! As it cost only $2.90, I decided to buy one to give it a try.

Here’s the empty ink reservoir:


There’s this screw-like looking thing in the middle. It works like a syringe, except that you twist the top part of the brush and it’ll slowly draw ink in via the tip of the brush. Here’s how it looks when fully loaded with ink:


What I like about it is that it really feels like writing with a normal calligraphy brush. Here’s some words that I’ve written:


This brush is awesome as it facilitates my laziness. HAHA! Now I can practice my calligraphy without the hassle of washing the brush and ink stone every time I’m done!


UPDATE: As it turns out, it’s not awesome! It sucks! NEVER – I repeat – NEVER EVER leave ink inside the reservoir. Over time, the ink will develop a really nasty smell that will stink up the entire room. It’s really horrible! I had to throw this away as I was just too grossed out to want to use it again.