New Workspace Arrangement

A few nights ago, I came home at around midnight. Instead of going to sleep, I decided to re-arrange all the furniture in my room! Took me a total of 2 hours – a good way to past the time while suffering from insomnia.

This time, I am very very pleased with the new layout.


If you noticed, the laptop is located on the top right corner of the photo. I’ve read quite a lot of articles talking about how sitting is really bad for health (apparently, it’s just as bad as smoking and drinking). I’ve also been very inspired by articles showing how some offices have converted their workspaces into standing stations. Oh! And apparently, standing helps you think better!

And so, I decided to give that a try by putting the laptop up there on the shelf.

On the plus side, I now have a free and empty desk that I can use for reading, writing, calligraphy, and whatever art/craft work that I’d like to do. It’s great! I always had a problem trying to find a space to write as the laptop occupied most of the table space.

Yes, right now, I am standing up while typing this blog entry. I think it’s good for many reasons. Firstly, this prevents me from being glued to the computer. After a while, laziness gets the best of me, and I’ll move away from the computer to do something else (or attempt to sleep earlier, for that matter). Secondly, I avoid killing myself slowly with the bad effects of sitting too much.

It’s gonna be a very interesting experience trying to write essays while standing. This gives the phrase, “I’m thinking on my feet” a whole new meaning! =D

Oh… In case you’re wondering. The white keyboard on the left of the laptop is meant for the iPad. (I might be crazy, but I’m not that crazy as to type on a keyboard placed so high up.) It’s just very convenient to keep that keyboard on the book stand. My laptop’s keyboard is located on the shelf just below the laptop.