DIY Magnetic Buttons!

The most useful and amazing skill that I’ve learn while serving National Service is this: learning how to make your own labels and magnetic buttons with ordinary stationary.

Yeah… I was a clerk during my NS. Both my knee caps came out and thus the downgrade (and I’m crazy enough to do kungfu!). Anyway… This has been one of the most creative money-saving thing that I’ve learnt.

So today, I got down to making some magnetic buttons for two reasons: (1) My whiteboard needs magnetic buttons for me to stick things on it, and (2) I’ve got quite a few magnetic strips laying around because I bought them years ago but never used it for its intended purpose.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make your own magnetic buttons!

Step 1: Design whatever it is you want to make on computer (or by hand if you prefer).



Step 2: Print it out!



Step 3: Cover the back with double-sided tape. It’s a bit wasteful, but it allows you to mass produce really quickly. Do not use glue. The glue will make the paper moist, and it’ll get badly damaged when you cut it. When you’re done, paste it onto the magnetic strip (in this case, it’s the pink thing on the left).



Step 4: “Laminate” the front by slowly sticking clear tape over it. This will give your end product a gloss finish.



Step 5: Cut everything out and admire the carnage left behind thanks to your scissors or cutting blade.



Step 6: You’re done! Now, all that you’ve got to do is to stick your magnetic buttons onto your whiteboard (or fridge, if you prefer).


Haha… I decided to go for a very Chinese philosophy theme. I also decided to stick up some of my origami neko (cats).

I’ll probably do more soon since I still have a few more magnetic strips lying around in my room.