I LOVE this bus stop ad!

For those unfamiliar with Greek Mythology, Narcissus was some Greek guy who was so good looking both men and women fell in love with him at first sight. Some goddess got so jealous of his beauty that she wanted to get rid of him. What she did was to lure Narcissus to a pool of water where he saw himself in the water’s reflection for the very first time – and it was love at first sight! Narcissus so loved how he looked that he couldn’t keep his eyes away from the reflection. And so, he just kept staring at his reflection, admiring his own beauty for days without food or drink until he died.

In the Singaporean version, he stayed there so long that he eventually turned into a can of mushrooms! (YES!!! There’s a brand of mushrooms called “Narcissus”!)

It’s because of this Greek Mythology that the word “narcissistic” is used to describe people who are too egoistic, vain, or really enjoy soaking in self-praise and more.

And so, the great irony is to see a bus stop ad like the one below:


I couldn’t stop bursting out in laughter the first time I saw this bus stop ad. It’s hilarious!