Sunny, Sunny Singapore!

Yesterday was a really hot and sunny day – perfect for beautiful photos of the city!

Marina Bay: The up and coming commercial district. It won’t replace the existing Central Business District (CBD), but looking at how the government has been placing so great an emphasis over the Marina Bay area, I won’t be surprised that this will be the new centre of commerce.


A juxta-position of the contemporary (in the foreground) and the old-modern (in the background).



I really love sitting on the steps of Clarke Quay, especially in the evenings/nights and enjoy the beautiful breeze.


Clarke Quay. Once the centre of commercial activity, where labourers used to manually transport goods that came from the sea. Now a place of recreation and entertainment. This was only made possible after the government’s overly-successful task of decongesting the city centre. It was too successful because it made this entire area a ghost town. Almost nobody stayed or worked here. If there were businesses, it was mainly offices where the only noise was the sound of paperwork. It’s really hard to imagine that some 10-20 years ago, this place used to be very very quiet. But thanks to the result of this “blank slate”, the government was able to easily transform this entire area into an area of play.