Attempts at Chinese Landscape Art (with Fountain Pen)

After reading up so much on Chinese aesthetics, I’ve had the desire to try out the principles myself. So yesterday, while travelling on the trains and buses, I whipped out my little notepad and started sketching using my fountain pen. I know… It’s supposed to be a brush, but you can’t possibly carry a brush with ink with you when you’re on the go.

Here’s the initial prototype:


I liked this a lot. Really liked how the lines did a decent job in depicting the mountainous rocks. But I think I spoilt the entire picture by adding the trees and the clouds.

So here’s the second prototype:



I did this in a hurry, so the lines weren’t that well done in representing the mountains.

Here’s the final product, done using one of those Japanese calligraphy brushes. I call this work, “The Tall Mountains of Serenity”:


The scholar, standing at the edge of a clift, contemplates on the vast scenary of mountains and hills before him.

Here’s an attempt at bamboo painting using fountain pen. However, I doubt this really looks like a bamboo tree. I’ve not looked at bamboo trees enough to really know how they look like.


Well, I’ll probably keep trying again. Every train ride presents an opportunity to draw.