A Hidden Gem in Geylang

Yesterday, while walking to my calligraphy class in Geylang, I spotted a beautiful neo-classical building hidden away in one of the alleys. It was simply too good to give it a miss! So off I went into the alley to do some exploration!

Here’s the little gem that I found!


I never expected to see such a building in Geylang at all! It’s beautiful.I went into the building to take a look. It turns out that this is a SHOPPING MALL, but a very old one. In the photo above, the neo-classical building is surounded by blocks of modern-style buildings. It turns out that the surrounding blocks are actually connected to the neo-classical shopping mall! It’s an extension of the small building that’s very tastefully done. It’s amazing! I really should come back here and explore the entire interior.

Anyway… Here are two close-up shots of the exterior.

The first is a circular stairwell on the right side of the building. Personally, I never liked this kind of staircases. At least for me, climbing this makes me nauseous. And to make matters worse, the steps on these things are really narrow, giving you very little space to securely place your foot on it. I have lots of reservations when it comes to climbing this type of staircases.


The second close-up is of the lamp-post. The design reminds me of a very Victorian England.


When I looked up to shoot this photo, I realised that the sky was very beautiful. Here’s how beautiful the sky looked yesterday:


Everyday, regardless of where we are, there’s always something beautiful taking place. A beautiful sky, a beautiful sunset, or even a beautiful building nicely hidden away from everyone. Beautiful things are happening – even at this moment. The only question is whether or not we are willing to pause ourselves from the frenzy of daily activity, and allow ourselves to be receptive to these things.