Not your average garlic bread

Couple of days ago, I had dinner with my friend at a particular restaurant. They had this menu item known as Garlic Focaccia (Italian bread). We tried it out of curiosity and it turns out to be really awesome! Part of our dinner time was spent trying to figure out what the ingredients were.

Today, I decided to attempt to replicate the garlic spread that they used. Here’s a picture of it before toasting:


What went into it?

For a serving of two slices of bread, I used:

  • A dash of rosemary
  • 3 basil leaves
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Half a teaspoon of lavender leaves
  • Some salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil.

To the toaster oven!


I toasted it for 4 minutes, and voila!


Special garlic bread awesomeness!

It tasted very similar to what I had at the restaurant.

Nonetheless, there’s room for improvement!

If anything, I learnt that the entire bread should be covered in olive oil to prevent it from becoming overly toasted, unless you’re using some bread which takes a longer time to toast. Also, if I had done that, I would have been able to toast the bread longer, thereby allowing more flavours from the garlic and herbs to come out.

Well, I’ll try the improvements the next time I do this.