Today’s Dinner: Claypot Chicken Rice, and Chye Sim with Oyster Mushrooms

It’s the first time I’m cooking these two dishes, and in the end, they turned out really great!

First, the vegetable dish. I intentionally arranged the chye sim (some vegetable – I don’t know the English name) and the oyster mushrooms to make the t’ai chi diagram. After all, Chinese cooking should have the different elements working in harmony with each other rather than to be so opposed as to have conflict. Harmony is what’s being represented in the dish.


It’s quite an easy dish. Put a little oil in the wok, throw in some garlic and onions. Later, throw in the mushrooms, add a little bit of water, toss in the vegetables, add some oyster sauce, cover the wok, and allow the water to boil so that the steam can circulate and cook everything in the wook.

And voila! The taste? Simply awesome!

Now for the star attraction… Claypot chicken rice!


The first mistake was that I turned off the gas a bit too soon. The rice was a bit too moist.

So I had to put it back onto the stove and resume heating. It turns out that the claypot rice is ready when you can hear sizzling and popping sounds, and smell the delicious typical fragrance of burnt rice against the claypot walls. MMMMmmm…

It was truly fantastic! The chicken was so awesome! The richness of flavours, the sweetness, the tenderness, the juiciness… Pure culinary heaven!

I don’t usually like eating claypot rice. But I thought I’ll give it a try anyway since it doesn’t require me to do very much work. But I must say… This is one of the best claypot dishes I have ever eaten!

So, once again, I declare today’s meal another culinary success! Today’s meal was just so awesome!