Huge Claypot!

It’s 3.12am. And once again, here I am sitting in front of my computer because of insomnia.

One hour on the bed in an attempt to sleep. That’s all I can endure. It’s really gruesome lying there for an hour waiting to lose consciousness. My head right is spinning at the moment. Mentally and physically drained, and I still can’t sleep! I think I should go back to taking sleeping pills. I’ll probably do that tomorrow. I’ve been having insomnia quite regularly even during the holidays.

Anyway, rather than to bore you with the usual rants about insomnia, I shall write about something interesting!

My brother just bought a really gigantic claypot!



Seems like this claypot is large enough to feed 6 people! Amazing! With a pot this huge, I can add a whole bunch of ingredients! It’s gonna be great!

I bought a recipe book the other day about making claypot dishes. The first dish I intend to make with this is claypot chicken rice! Yeah! What’s great about this dish is that it looks quite easy. Am going to make this for dinner on Thursday. Will definitely post pictures and comment on the results.

OOooo… I can simply imagine the various possibilities that I can attempt with once I understand the art of claypot!

3.34am… Still unable to sleep. I’ll probably watch a series of videos on the internet to tire myself out. Stupid insomnia…